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ladyblackadder's Journal

Lady Blackadder
We are about as similar as two completely dissimilar things in a pod.

"i can gaurentee if it were me, him and a foxy lady stuck on a small island, the bitch would ... fall for his plucked eyebrows over my commonsense and ... hidden genius" --Stevie Cakes
80's music, acting, adrian monk, aerosmith, alanis morissette, anglophile, ani difranco, animals, annie liebowitz, apollo 13, art, astrology, baldrick, bartenders, bedtime story, bill cosby, billy joel, black adder, blackadder, bob dylan, broadcasting, bruce springsteen, bruce willis, calvin and hobbes, celtic, chakra, classic rock, columbus ga, composing, computers, coupling, current events, dancing, don henley, drama, dreaming, dreams, driving, eagles, eclectic, eddie izzard, elton john, emotions, england, ewan mcgregor, fadoras, fawlty towers, feng shui, flaming pie, food, fox news, freedom, george harrison, george michael, get fuzzy, guitar, hugh laurie, india, indigo girls, inner peace, interior design, irish, jennifer nettles band, john cleese, john lennon, john mayer, johnny english, journey of souls, jurassic park, kate eddings, kd lang, kevin spacey, lilith fair, lisa marie presley, logic, london, louise rennison, love, madonna, meaningful conversation, meditation, men, monk, monty python, moulin rouge, movies, mr. bean, mtv, music, natalie merchant, nathan lane, nocturnal, open minds, paul mccartney, peace, pearl jam, people, peter gabriel, peter sellers, photography, poetry, politics, pro-choice, procrastination, psychology, radio, rain, reincarnation, rem, ringo starr, rock, rock and roll photography, romance, rowan atkinson, sex, sgt. pepper, shepard smith, singing, sleeping, smoothies, songwriting, spinal tap, spirituality, stand-up comedy, sting, stories, storms, the beatles, theatre, thespian society, thunderstorms, toaster strudles, tom hanks, tori amos, trading spaces, trainspotting, traveling, travelling, u2, vh1, web design, while you were out, women, women's rights, writing, yoga